"Minotour is much more than a chatbot, it is a Digital Tourist Assistant for visitors and citizen"

CES Las Vegas 2019
Data Moove  was at the CES Las Vegas 2020
Minotour is a digital tourist assistantfor the promotion of the tourism offerof a destination by tourism professionalsfor their users, tourists and citizens: events, food, accommodation, activities, sightseeings. It integrates a Big Data platform which collect the black gold of a destination for its promotion: the data of the tourism offer. Minotour can be integrated on all media supports such as instant messaging system or connected speakers.
Comprehensive tourist database
Artificial Intelligence
Semantic recognition of language

The Project

Minotour learns to recognize not only the language and its subtleties, but also the whole tourist offer of a territory: places, events, accommodation, food, activities, leisure, culture and shops. This is possible thanks to a perfect collaboration with the embedded Big Data & semantic platform

Challenges ... always challenges


To help you integrate Minotour into your environment, we will implement several services:
Collection of the tourist offer
Thanks to the Big Data & semantic platform and our audit in collaboration with your team on the tourist offer, we will collect many sources of information: officials, social networks, tourist portals, ...
Machine Learning
We will then add a layer of personalization according to your goal ... Minotour must adapt itself to your vocabulary and your objectives to work in perfect adequacy with your team and needs.
After feeding and educating him, MinoTour goes wherever he is needed ... do not worry he is used to this! Website, messaging softwares, mobile applications, interactive boards, ... all he needs is to show him the way.

Minotour and City Moove

  As you have probably realized by now, Minotour works with many Big Data and Semantic Technologies. An example of statistics with the knowledge base collected and processed for the area of the French Riviera (about 220 cities):
Tourist points of interests
events (+3000 / month)
Coffees (approximately)

The Manager Team

Meet Minotour's familly
Jean-Claude Guignard
Jean-Claude Guignard


He manages all the nursery, the activities of awakening and checks if the piggy bank is full

Frédéric Bossard
Frédéric Bossard


He finds good host families for Minotour and his acolytes

Eddie Fillia
Eddie Fillia


He monitors the health of Minotour and takes him to the doctor if needed

Jérôme Berlioz
Jérôme Berlioz

Project & Product Manager

He thinks about Minotour's education and helps him in his everyday orientation

Raphaël Troncy (EURECOM)
Raphaël Troncy (EURECOM)

R&D Manager

He advises Minotour in his learning with many complicated methods

Contact us

We will reply as fast as possible ... but probably slower than Minotour ;)
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Customer Support
E-mail: contact@data-moove.fr Phone: (+33) 04 22 13 19 42